The only poll that matters is on election day!

Vote 2012

The majority of polls seem to be reflecting the mindset and ideology of Democrats and not of America as a whole. The latest poll that the majority of the media is touting is the recent CBS/New York Times poll. The current administration is lobbying pollsters to affect early voting because a pollster can weight a poll to a desired result. Some major pollsters are actually sampling Republican affiliation in the 20 to 30 percent range! These low levels (which haven’t been seen since the 1960’s) result in the perception of Obama being ahead.

On a separate note the Justice Department (yes the same one headed by the illustrious Eric Holder) has even gone so far as to get involved. Following is an excerpt from an article; “Internal emails between senior officials at The Gallup Organization, obtained by The Daily Caller, show senior Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod attempting to subtly intimidate the respected polling firm when its numbers were unfavorable to the president.” (Source).

The heading of this post states that “The only poll that matters is on election day!” and this is an important truth to remember!

Also remember that everyone can vote early!

Yes! You may vote early in person, no excuse required.

Early voting starts 35 days before an election and ends at 6:00 pm the Friday before Election Day.

Contact your local election official to learn more about early voting in your area. Click here.


4 responses to “The only poll that matters is on election day!

  1. Looks good! Congrats on starting a website. Now start sharing truth with family, friends and the rest of the world.

  2. Awesome post. I totally agree with you. The polls are trying to discourage voters into thinking that Obama has the White House for another 4 years. They want the conservatives to stay home. We need to continue to share your message, so that we can change the course of this Great Nation!

  3. Absolutely agree! Walked by the downtown Ft. Myers farmers market yesterday and saw people could register there, too. It’s what it’s all about….WE THE PEOPLE.

  4. Yes, absolutely reject the misleading and deceptive polls conducted by the mainstream media and Liberal agents. Their goal is not to accurately measure the pulse of the electorate but to sway and influence an outcome at the ballot box~!!! We must ALL get out and vote come election day and send the enemy within packing! Take back our country Patriots ~ !!!

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