We were not able to go to the rally in West Chester for Romney/Ryan Friday evening but were excited to see that some 30,000 supporters attended. Saturday we voted early at the location for Butler Co, Ohio in Hamilton and it was exhilarating to see how many people were voting! I’d venture to say there were between a thousand and fifteen hundred people voting on an ongoing basis for the hour or so it took us to vote. As Butler Co Ohio votes predominately Republican it is a good indicator for the Romney/Ryan ticket that their supporters are enthused . That’s good news for  Romney and Ryan because traditionally heavy voter turnout in the southwest Ohio area has resulted in Republican candidates carrying the state.

Union Township Precinct 'D'

If the rally attendance from yesterday across Ohio has anything to do with the voting that will take place this coming Tuesday, I would venture to say that our President is going to lose his bid for the White House.

President Obama visited 3 locations in Ohio:  Hilliard, Springfield and Lima, drawing crowds of about 5,000 total.   Along with the rally goers were those protesting the Benghazi attacks.  Signage not only targeted the President but the media’s non-coverage of the issue.

Governor Romney visited West Chester and drew nearly 30,000 people. The Clermont County Tea Party website has the complete story and pictures.

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