Romney Is The Clear & Only Sane Choice For Libertarian Minded Voters

If you want limited government, lower taxes, less but more reasonable regulation, making the Fed accountable, more liberty through personal responsibility, checks on out-of-control government agencies like the EPA and a balanced budget – you are either sympathetic to, or supporting the Tea Party movement and/or a Libertarian.

Well, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want the same things we do – maybe not to the extent a lot of us would like but they are at least a step in the right direction towards what we are working for.

Just consider the alternative. Barack Obama is light years in the the wrong direction – a direction that leads to greater debt for generations to come and fundamentally and radically transforms the America we love into some kind of DystopiaWhat we have seen for the last four years is nothing compared to what will happen in the next four. Obama’s first term was only a small taste of things to come. The next four years Obama will be his actual radical self. As he won’t have to answer to voters again Obama will ignore Congress and govern by Executive Order. These radical Executive Orders from Obama will change America forever.

You don’t think this would happen? Obama issued almost 1,000 executive orders in his first term alone. That’s more than all other presidents in history combined!! Obama’s second term will render Congress and the separation of powers meaningless. And just consider this… he will be enabled to add one, two, maybe even three new justices to the Supreme Court. Now that’s really scarey! 

8 years of the Bush administration added $3 trillion in debt and created 20,000 new government rules and regulations. This was absolutely disgraceful.


Obama added $5 trillion in new debt and 60,000 new rules and regulations in only 3 ½ years!

It’s high time for Republicans, conservatives, Tea Party activists, Libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, small business owners, free market capitalists, patriots, and common sense middle class Americans to join together and support Mitt Romney now!

We need to vote as if our future, our children’s and grandchildren’s future, depends on it.

Because it actually does!

A little over a month ago one of the first articles I wrote for my blog  was “The only poll that matters is on election day!” This is still an important truth.

Get out and vote!

Vote 2012


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