A Few Last Thoughts Before You Vote

The Media Doesn’t Care

In Benghazi they were thrice denied support and then four Americans died knowing they had been abandoned. The media doesn’t want this to be a story and they are complicit in the cover-up. The so-called “watchdogs of democracy” are silent because they are so vested in the re-election of the man who bears the title “Commander in Chief” they simply don’t think it’s consequential that four Americans died.

For another story on the “missing in action” President and Media  Click here.

The “Commander in Chief’ was in the “Situation Room” of the White House and and watched the attack taking place. How long he watched and what he did or didn’t specifically do is unknown but we know the outcome. The Americans in Benghazi were denied support 3 times – a general was summarily fired and one under him replaced him when he was about to go against orders and send support. As a result 4 Americans died having been abandoned by the leadership of the country they free willingly signed up to serve. If not with the President,  where does the buck stop and why was support denied to these 4 Americans? To make matters worse it has been undeniably demonstrated and verified the Commander In Chief has lied about the incident. He knows that the media has his back. So if you read this before you vote today think about how just this alone disqualifies Barack Obama to be the “Commander in Chief” and President of the United States. He’s willing to let 4 Americans die and then lie about it.

That’s the epitome of dishonor.

On a brighter note, we have the opportunity to go forward with new leadership and take our country back. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan may not be your idea of  ideal candidates but they are at least competent, sincere and honest so please, get out and vote!

Vote 2012

Please help us get the word out on this story by sharing it on Facebook and other social media sites below. This is how together we can challenge the biased narrative of the mainstream media.


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