A National Treasure

Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell, in my mind,  should be given the status of National Treasure. That may sound a little grandiose so I suppose that I  have a confession to make. If great thinkers, philosophers, and such had groupies, I’d probably be a Thomas Sowell groupie – well at least in a “man crush” kind of way.

In terms of intellectual prowess, the ability to speak and/or write concisely and understandably on a myriad of subjects there are not many individuals who can compete with Thomas Sowell.

The following are excerpts from his most recent column articles;

“There is also a reason why labor unions are flourishing among people who work for government. No matter how much these public sector unions drive up costs, government agencies do not go out of business. They simply go back to the taxpayers for more money.”


“One of the secrets of Barack Obama’s success is his ability to say things that will sound both plausible and inspiring to uninformed people, even when they sound ridiculous to people who know the facts. Apparently he believes the former outnumber the latter, and the election results suggest that he may be right.”

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I’ve read a number of Thomas Sowell’s books and among others, he has shaped my thinking and understanding more than most. I believe that if someone were just to read his book “Basic Economics” they would have a greater understanding on the subject of economics than the majority of college students who have taken and even majored in such courses.

Thomas Sowell didn’t become Thomas Sowell easily. His early life was full of struggle and poverty but he rose up against circumstances to better himself. At one point in his twenties he was an avowed Marxist but turned about 180 degrees when his experience working as a federal government intern during the summer of 1960 caused him to reject Marxian economics.

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The purpose of this blog post is simply to introduce Thomas Sowell, his writings and life’s work to anyone who already hasn’t heard of him.

“A small drop of ink makes thousands, perhaps millions think,” wrote Byron in Don Juan.

Please share your thoughts.

The American Revolution

The American Revolution


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One response to “A National Treasure

  1. I didn’t know much about Thomas Sowell until recently. I appreciate your insight. Your blog is very well done, John. I know it has been a rough few weeks. Glad that you are keeping it up!
    I continue to share your posts on fb. Hopefully, you will continue to draw readers. I will be in touch soon. Thanks again. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

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