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A Few Last Thoughts Before You Vote

The Media Doesn’t Care

In Benghazi they were thrice denied support and then four Americans died knowing they had been abandoned. The media doesn’t want this to be a story and they are complicit in the cover-up. The so-called “watchdogs of democracy” are silent because they are so vested in the re-election of the man who bears the title “Commander in Chief” they simply don’t think it’s consequential that four Americans died.

For another story on the “missing in action” President and Media  Click here.

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Romney Is The Clear & Only Sane Choice For Libertarian Minded Voters

If you want limited government, lower taxes, less but more reasonable regulation, making the Fed accountable, more liberty through personal responsibility, checks on out-of-control government agencies like the EPA and a balanced budget – you are either sympathetic to, or supporting the Tea Party movement and/or a Libertarian.

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Are We Voting For Revenge or Love of Country!?

Vote 2012

What is your reason for voting?

President Obama urged his supporters to vote for revenge a day or so ago. Really Mr. President?!

I’ve already voted but I can assure you I voted for love of country and a grave concern for the future of our country and the legacy handed down to our children and children’s children.

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What Really Happened In Benghazi?

Former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods was part of a small team at the CIA annex a mile from the U.S. consulate when Ambassador Chris Stevens and his team came under attack. When he and others heard the shots fired, they informed their superiors and requested permission to go and help out but were told to “stand down.” They again pressed their superiors for the okay to help but again were told to “stand down.” This is according to those who are familiar with the communication exchanges that day.

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We were not able to go to the rally in West Chester for Romney/Ryan Friday evening but were excited to see that some 30,000 supporters attended. Saturday we voted early at the location for Butler Co, Ohio in Hamilton and it was exhilarating to see how many people were voting! I’d venture to say there were between a thousand and fifteen hundred people voting on an ongoing basis for the hour or so it took us to vote. As Butler Co Ohio votes predominately Republican it is a good indicator for the Romney/Ryan ticket that their supporters are enthused . That’s good news for  Romney and Ryan because traditionally heavy voter turnout in the southwest Ohio area has resulted in Republican candidates carrying the state.

Union Township Precinct 'D'

If the rally attendance from yesterday across Ohio has anything to do with the voting that will take place this coming Tuesday, I would venture to say that our President is going to lose his bid for the White House.

President Obama visited 3 locations in Ohio:  Hilliard, Springfield and Lima, drawing crowds of about 5,000 total.   Along with the rally goers were those protesting the Benghazi attacks.  Signage not only targeted the President but the media’s non-coverage of the issue.

Governor Romney visited West Chester and drew nearly 30,000 people. The Clermont County Tea Party website has the complete story and pictures.

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The Reverend Billy Graham Backs Romney With A Full Page Ad In Ohio

This past Sunday the Reverend Billy Graham   placed a full page ad supporting Mitt Romney in the hotly contested battleground state of Ohio.

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Four More Years – Really?!

Vote 2012

Does anyone really want 4 more years like the last four with President Barack Obama? If you think the last 4 years were unacceptable just imagine what the next 4 would be like. I’d venture to say that the next 4 years would be like the last 4 on steroids!

Take a look at this YouTube clip and see if you agree.

See early voting days and hours in Ohio hereand for locations click here!

You may also contact your local election official to learn more about early voting in your area. Click here.


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