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What if President Obama Was Your Investment Advisor?

What if President Barack Obama was your investment advisor? For someone to be your investment advisor you would need confidence in their abilities to do the job and of course you would also have to like and trust them. In other words, for Continue reading


“But I Want It Now – Give Me The Loan!” A not so funny parody/commentary on our national debt

Right up front I apologize for the length of this post but believe it is too timely not to share. I initially put this together in August of 2011 so had to adjust some of the numbers. At the time I should have documented my sources but remember that credit goes to Peter Schiff, Thomas Sowell (see feed on the right) and an anonymous blog poster for much of the content. I tied it all together in hopes of using it some day and just rediscovered it this morning.

In a this time of great uncertainty we can be perfectly sure of a few things. Continue reading